DILATOFLEX® expansion joints are totally manufactured in our plant in Decize (France)

Type K

Serie  KF1 (PTFE inliner) autostable with rotative flanges

Type KP

pressure until 25 bar

Type F

Floating flanges ND300-ND1200

Type K2

autostable, double convolutions

Type ES

Large articulation, rotating flanges, high temperature and pressure

Type KT

with tie-rods

Type T

large range of movements, with rotative flanges

Type NT1 - NT2

This product has been discontinued. It is now replaced by Type T joints

Type NT

small diameters with flanges


small diameters with thread tips

Type M

big diameters, custom suitable

Type N

big diameters and large range of movements

Joints BPO (dog bone)-U-BC1

very big length (over 40m), for nuclear power plant or another application


building range, water certified


joint for pinch valve